FPS Problem shadowlands

Hi . My GPU is RX 5700 XT red devil and CPU is Ryzen 5 2600 . When i play wow Shadowlands my outdoor fps is really good (110-150) with graphic setting number set to 7 everything on High . But in raids in some fights like council of blood or Sire or some other activities my fps drop to (30-45) . Its not about Addon problem because i tested it . and as far as i know my gpu and cpu is enough i guess . can some 1 help me about it please? what should i do? thanks alot

Hey there Cow,

Having a difference in the framerate, when you are playing outdoor with when you are in a raid, is actually normal. In a raid environment, the game is very CPU intensive.

What I would suggest that you do is enable the Raid and Battleground Settings, in the System -> Graphics options, and lower some settings, that in a Raid environment, may not be needed. That should give you back some extra frames.

For future reference please post in the dedicated WoW tech forum in here.