Free your (our) games!


I have purchased, played and supported many of your titles for the last 15 years.

But, with all of the choices Blizzard has made in the past year and most recent(pulling games, I already purchased from Blizzard, off a service that allows me to play them).
I have now changed my perspective of your company. Based on that, I have decided to shut down my Blizzard account and refuse to play or purchase any other products from your company.

The main issue that has persuaded me to make this decision is based on the fact that Blizzard has decided that I can not play games that I have already purchased from Blizzard remotely.

How can Blizzard tell me, the consumer, that I can not play the games I have already purchased?

This is one of the most greedy and short sighted decisions I have ever seen from a gaming developer on top of all the other shady decisions Blizzard has made recently.

Not sure why Blizzard can not see that services like Nvidia Geforce Now(GFN)is a positive for their sales and game reach in the community.

Services like GFN encourages gamers to buy your games as it increases it’s accessibly factor. Plus I already own the game. Who ever made the decision to pull games form services like GFN made a huge mistake and the future will show that.

So disheartening to write this after how long I have supported Blizzard. I really hope your company changes its direction or decision surrounding this situation.

Good luck,

Paul D.

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Any reply from blizz?