Give me back items!

In diablo 2 I was flipping 3 items in the game and suddenly disconnecting and not being able to connect to !!! I couldn’t connect for too long and the game was gone !!! bd21 game /// 21 hour 00:40! flipped items are:
tal rasha armor
pul rune
mal rune

I request them to be returned to my account! I don’t use bots like a lot of players or I don’t have time to spend 20 hours a day in the game !!!

account: Stiffkick

was playing diablo 2 and got an jah rune. server frose and i lost my jah. anything to do or is it lost? had it in my inv befor the game crashed


Sadly we cannot restore items for Diablo 2. If you are experiencing disconnections however, I would advise you to have a look into this article and try the steps mentioned there.

I accidentally dismantled the neck for onyxia so I would ask you to return it to me

if you deleted or scrapped an item you want back in wow you can always use