Goodbye (old) Blizzard

I’ve loved Blizzard games since Blackthorne and the original Warcraft and Starcraft games and played many hours in many Blizzard games since, but enough is enough. The old Blizzard that stood for quality is long gone and buried. All that’s left is the Blizzard logo and the intellectual property that is watered down again and again for corporate profit. I haven’t played a Blizzard game for a while now, but was triggered by the latest news surrounding the crappy remaster of Warcraft 3. Way to destroy a great game in every way possible. I quit, you ‘ghost of what used to be Blizzard’. Not ever going to play or buy another Blizzard game and deleting my account.


Blizzard turned into Activision… sad.


My two cents : Blizzard games after Activision got involved have been substandard compared to before. It’s how the gaming industry is now. Money is what counts. It makes gaming less fun for me. Many still buy the games and make it profitable, maybe because they actually find the games fun or because they are hoping for a change. This is sad for those who’s not satisfied, obviously. It’s not unique to gaming and it is something that will not change as long as company revenues keeps rising. I’m done with the new blizzard, and play their old games only. I suggest people who agree with me to do the same, even if it’s a drop in the ocean regarding changing anything.


This is a fraud
It’s time to judge these companies. Which only profit from the name of the old achievements of other teams. What Bethesda, what Blizzard are arrogant cheaters.
I understand that games are not recognized as an art form. I understand that it will be difficult to judge.
Sorry for my google english
How tired I am of the modern gaming industry of scoundrels and moral freaks.
I hope the parents of these people are proud of them, that their sons are machines of capitalism and hypocrisy.


Blizzard’s spirit is dead ! Activision killed the company…


No Love, no results (War3 Re) :angry:
Blizz kill the game. Slackers and money suckers. .i. Marketing

I love the lore of Warcraft. That has been the main reason why I kept renewing and but lately the quality just isn’t there. I also absolutely think they are greedy with the new EULA thing where any mods are owned by them. I mean that is going to kill the whole modding thing right there. I think it’s time to call it quits with Blizzard. Since Activision took over, it seems to be all about the money. Good bye Blizzard and thanks for the good times, but Azeroth is burning and the last portal to who knows where could die any time, so I’m going to go start another 15+ year adventure somewhere else… Greed will consume you…

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so you dont play blizz games but you came back just to bitch on the forum to delete your account. there is a function on the website to delete your account. coming here and asking for it is just a cry fo attention. please rethink your life