Hacked account restoration


If you say restoration of a hacked account, what do you think by this?

What i hear is restoring a account to the way it was before am i right?

I left on holiday and got stuck for a month. I this time my account got hacked, transfered and battletag changed.

As the original owner i just got it back but to my suprise restoring a hacked account is not restoring it to its fullest but only restoring the battle.net

My account was on Skullflame PVP EU English server and went to a German server Venoxis. Blizzard refuses to sent my character back to my original server even though it got hacked…

My character is now stuck on a German server while i dont even speak this tongue. Any suggestions on how to proceed?

I even showed them that i payed with my paypal for years and now someone else payed with his or her paypal.

For this case you should Reopen your ticket from the original investigation so that Customer Support can review it again, all the information you have put in here is relevant and should be included in that ticket too.

Hopefully it can be reinvestigated and you can be returned to your previous realm.

Whatever i say to them Ixthocaesil the think the are all knowing and tell you that i was shared or traded to a other player. Its terrible how to destroy peoples work and fun!

I am already making a dispute out of this since thats is the only way to problemly get my account back. Blizzard is just one big scam!

Erendia, ultimately the account owner is responsible for the security of their own accounts.

It’s highly recommended that you attach an Authenticator to fully secure it from further harm, and avoid sharing your account details with any other players.

Closing this here as Forum Moderators cannot assist with accounts directly.