Harsher requirements to use LFG

You want to be strict about profanity, and cussing but you promote it to the fullest by letting anyone use LFG.

You need to put harder requirements to use the LFG tool, or have more Guides people “HAVE!!!” to complete before entering a dungeon. You are creating so much toxicity, and people have nowhere to vent it when a bunch of R’s ruin your key by being simply too bad to play the game.

No rating system to rate players, that are visible to other players, you can rate “Did poorly”, etc so people can check if they are actually good or carried. You tell players that complaint to play with friends, but you dont seem to tell the ones being cussed at to play with friends to avoid it.

You will never get rid of it, and you will lose more players overtime just because you are so one sided. The people that are absolutely trash at the game will get cussed at becuase they are ruining other peoples keys, they can play with friends to avoid that, the pug world is random.

I know you’ve probably hired a lot of woke scum after the whole case with your garbge corportaion but you wont get more players by acting woke, you will lose tons of players by banning them for cussing at some twat that ruined their key.

Fix the LFG or remove it altogether.

You’re more than happy to promote corrupt players raping, and abusing women, and doing sketchy stuff behind everyone’s backs, as long as they dont do it publicly people can be as rotten as they want, and you’ll even pay them for that, you’re doing a great job, wonderful job,

You’d be a dead company if some other one made a game similar to this. F I wish someone did.