Hello)))) plaese help support blizzard ! !!

Hello, why is my account blocked on the grounds of "Using third-party software (“hacks”) " for player complaints without verification? Please reconsider my case based on replay, game codes ( 79R2DQ, ACF043, NPP52P ) . I played without using third-party programs with a completely clean windows 11, where I downloaded the browser, discord and the game itself, your mythical anti-cheat could not find any interference in the gameplay, so that ban came 100% without checking and for reporters, I can provide any data that will help confirm the absence of third-party programs on my computer, once again, please sort out the situation and unlock my account after re-inspection

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yes, i have the same problem on my twin!!!


The only way to appeal an account penalty is to contact Support with a ticket.
Use this link to start the process: https://eu.battle.net/support/en/help/product/services/316/2011