Help me with diablo 2 HELP

I cant join any servers or regions on my account.
The problem is “Checking Versions error”.
Im tried to run the game as administrator, restart computer.

Now trying to reinstall game

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Hello BadMoon,

This could mean that there is a tmporary restriction placed on your CD-Key and/or IP. You can find more information here.

Kind regards

What’s your opinion?

Im waited 30 minutes or hour… and nothing. I need wait 2 hours or more?
The game writes - battle net is not responding

Hello again,

Suspensions can be up to 72 hours. Please get in touch via ticket and the colleagues will look into this for you.

Kind regards

What’s your opinion?

YES! I do it, i can play diablo right now. sorry

That is good to hear. Thanks a million for letting me know.

Kind regards

What’s your opinion?

This is the fifth time over thirty different days. I will be losing all my toons on all 3 accounts. What is going on. I was reading forum will post this there as nothing seems to be done. We should be able to play on our computer, just download it all, just like Diablo ONE. This is located numerous times., various people, all about DIABLO TWO. I’ve been playing with my son since it originally came out. Now I’m the only one left playing it. BUT I CANNOT LOGIN it says error, every single time, Battlenet works as Son plays WOW and I hearthstone.

Stop Bot, Cheat, Hack.


They banned you because their automated system flagged you as a bot. There’s no way to appeal and you can be banned for perfectly normal behaviors, with no warning. The best way to solve this problem is to pirate the game and use virtual lan services to play with your friends and family online, where cannot disconnect you arbirtrarily.
I was banned for this, and was denied any appeal and not even told the length of my ban.

Hi! Are there any legal add-ons for the official battlenet LOD? For example quest helper, loot filter or anything like this. Thx!!