How did Blizzard manage to make PvP in Phase 2 of Season of Discovery such a big failure?

I’m starting to think it’s a bunch of clowns who have been making the runes for the various classes in Season of Discovery.

The different classes are not even close to balanced for pvp. Here is an example where I compare 2 classes with each other:

Warlocks have three instant shadow damage over time spells, and these are Corruption, Curse of Agony, and Siphon Life. A warlock in level 40 with about 150 spell power does the following damage with these tree spells:
Corruption = 85 damage per tick, a total of about 510 damage over 18 seconds.
Curse of Agony = 40-80 damage per tick, a total of about 720 damage over 24 seconds.
Siphon Life = 31 damage per tick, a total of about 310 damage over 30 seconds.

A priest on the other hand does the following damage with her/his two instant shadow damage over time spells:
Void Plague = 170 damage per tick, a total of about 1020 damage over 18 seconds.
Shadow Word: Pain = 110 damage per tick, a total of about 880 damage over 24 seconds.

So… if a warlock casts her/his 3 spells on a target, then the target will suffer about 1500 damage over 30 seconds. The warlock will also be healed for about 300.
If a priest casts her/his 3 spells (the 2 damage over time spells + Vampiric Embrace) on a target, then the target will suffer about 1900 damage over 24 seconds, and the priest will be healed for almost 600.
So, both classes cast 3 instant spells, but the priest’s spells do almost 30 % more damage, heals the priest for almost 100 % more (and also heals the priest’s whole party), and the priest dots deal their damage a bit faster (because Siphon Life does its damage over 30 seconds). It’s quite “fun” when I am thinking, that Void Plague, as the priests get from their rune, deals almost 500 % more damage than Siphon Life does, and the damage from Void Plague is dealt almost twice as fast lol. Same thing with the mage spell Living Bomb. That spell does more than 600 damage, and it can crit! So usually that spell does about 1000 damage over just 12 seconds, and also have an area effect.

And now we also have to compare the classes’ direct damage spells. The warlock spell Searing Pain does about 170 damage, while the priest spell Shadow Word: Death does about 800-850 damage with the same gear. Yes, ofc, the priest will also take 50 % of that damage, but only if the enemy target survives. 30 % of the 800-850 damage the spell does will also heal the priest. So, in the end, the spell will only deal damage to the priest sometimes in pvp, and if it does, then we talk about like 175 damage. So, a Shadow Word: Death does about 350 % more damage than Searing Pain does, and about 150 % more damage than a Shadow Bolt.
A priest can just cast a Mind Blast (1,5 sec cast time) and a Shadow Word: Death (instant), and then more than 60 % of their enemy player’s health will disappear instantly. But the clowns working on balancing the classes don’t seem to see the problem, even though they’ve probably received tens of thousands of reports about this from upset players already.

These were just examples of one class that is way too bad for pvp right now, and another class that is way too overpowered. There are many more examples. It is clear, however, after several days of pvpning, that groups in battlegrounds that have several warlocks and rogues always seem to lose, while groups with, for example, many druids, priests and well-geared warriors always seem to win. Blizzard doesn’t seem to care though. Maybe they’re just looking at how things work for pve, but it could be that a class has several runes that are pretty good (or at least okay) for pve, but at the same time are completely useless in pvp. While other classes have runes that are very good, both for pve and pvp. This is why some classes are so overpowered in pvp, while other classes are so bad that they shouldn’t really be allowed to queue for battlegrounds right now, because they just sabotage everything for the rest of their team. Not because the players have done anything wrong, but because Blizzard has managed to completely screw up the balance between the classes.

From the beginning, it was the case that Shadow Word: Death did less damage when Season of Discovery was released in November. The rune was buffed because it was too bad in and before level 25. However, at level 40, unlike level 25, priests now have 3 talents in their shadow tree that together increase their shadow damage by about 50%. With these talents, the previous buff for the Shadow Word: Death rune is no longer needed. I actually wrote this to Blizzard when they buffed the rune in phase 1 "Thank you for buffing the Shadow Word: Death rune, but remember that the buff will probably have to be removed later in level 40 (phase 2), because priests then get three strong talents that will probably make the spell way too strong otherwise.”, but every time a competent player gives Blizzard important information or come up with a good idea, they choose not to listen.
Another example of this is when Blizzard buffed druids’ Starsurge spell. Balance druids didn’t initially do much damage in phase 1, so they needed a buff. Blizzard then chose to heavily buff their Starsurge spell. The only problem was that Starsurge, unlike the druid spells Wrath and Starfire, is an instant spell, and after the buff it suddenly did about 150% more damage than the Wrath spell (with a 1,5 sec cast time), or about 100% more damage than Starfire (with a 3-3,5 sec cast time). This was, I think, very unreasonable, and it would therefore have been better if balance druids had been buffed in a different way. Now then, in phase 2, Blizzard discovers “Oh look! The druid spell Starsurge is by far the strongest spell and completely destroys enemy-players in pvp, so now we have to nerf it! Instead we get to buff the druid’s Starfire spell.” But now after that change, druids who haven’t leveled up to the new max level do much less damage because of that Starsurge nerf, because Starfire is a completely useless spell in Season of Discovery without the balance druids’ 2 new “high level” runes. Also, the first quest a druid needs to do to get the Eclipse rune seems to be bugged, so druids and other classes can’t even get their quest and therefore can’t get their rune. Congratulations, Blizzard! “Well done”! :smiley:

Finally, the new pvp event in Stranglethorn Vale is nothing but a big stupid joke. For it to work as intended, the players should not have to find their groups themselves, and the classes also need to be significantly better balanced.
There are of course players who think the new pvp event is fun, but there is also a very large amount of players who really hate this form of pvp. However, unfortunately all players are more or less forced to participate in the event due to that some best in slot items can only be obtained through pvp during the Blood Moon event. But, in order for all players to be satisfied and also be able to get their items, I propose a change! Leave the event as it works today, but make a new npc that players can talk to. This npc should be able to give the players a new buff or debuff that is active only during the time that the Blood Moon event is going on. During that time, the players with the buff or debuff become friendly to all other players, and they can then neither attack nor be attacked by other players, regardless of whether it is a normal or pvp server that they play on. During the event, with the new buff or debuff active, those players should then be able to completely focus on killing regular mobs in the landscape (animals, nagas, pirates, etc.) to be able to get their stacks of their blood debuff that way, without risking being stopped by groups that run around and pvp. However, in order for it not to be too easy and not too fast to get coins this way, the chance of getting coins from kills should decrease if a player is in a party. If two players kill mobs together in a party, then both players should only have a 50% chance to get 1 stack of the debuff per kill, if they are 3 players the chance should be 33.3%, four players 25%, etc. So the idea should be that players should be able to get their coins without feeling forced to participate in an arena-like crap event, but instead it will usually take longer for these players to get all the coins they need.


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