How to access WC3-Frozen Throne?

Hi. I just installed Warcraft 3 and Frozen Throne by adding my 20 year old CD keys to my newly created account and after downloading 30 GB of data (of which i will probably only need 2GB, since i don’t have reforged), i can not find a way to start/play Frozen Throne. I read somewhere, that it is automatically included in the base game, even if you did not buy Frozen Throne. But how do you play it? Do i actually need to play the whole main campaign to unlock the Expansion? That would suck, since i already played WC3 a decade ago and never got to finish Frozen Throne and just wanted to play hat.

Hey there o/

If you are looking to play the Frozen Throne campaign, you’ll need to play the campaigns all in order im afraid. The expansion is included in the download that you have but you won’t be able to jump to the expansion campaigns right away if the other campaigns are not finished.

Sorry about that but im happy I could at least provide some clarity for you.

Oh, well. . But at least I can now play the campaign again without being surprised in the end, that this was not the right way to get to Frozen Throne. There are worse games to play for a second time than WC3 :slight_smile: