How to fix 0x0000000144de5736 8425941 0xc0000005 ModernWarfare.exe

Hi, I’ve been having trouble brewing for a couple of days. So every time I try to enter a graphical option, I get kicked out of the game and the above mentioned error pops up

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The 0XC0000005 error is usually caused by Security Software, you simply need to add your games and the Blizzard App to your security programs exception list. This should allow the game to launch without any further problems. If you’re unsure how to configure your security software you should refer to the program’s website on how to add exceptions.

We don’t know more specifically for CoD and why this would happen though so you would need to contact Activision Support if you want to know more about what else could be causing this.


It is not working for me. I tryed to install new dirvers and the game itself but that didnt helped. I dont understand how is this a security issue


estou com mesmo problema

I don’t know if the dam has anything to do with it when I turn it on. However, the problem occurs when I try to enter the graphic settings and only in this case I am thrown out of the game and the problem mentioned above appears.


has nothing to do with launching the game,has everything to do with the graphical setting. all these options,dont work

This worked for me, than just dont go to grafiks :slight_smile:

Go to Local Disk (C:)>>>User>>>Your Name>>>Documents>>>Call of Duty Modern Warfare>>>Players>>>Select all folder/files>>> Create New folder on desktop>>> Copy and paste all the folder/files into the new folder on desktop>>> Delete the folder/files from the players folder. That should fix your problems, all setting will be reset and reinstall shaders. DO NOT DELETE THE FOLDER YOU COPY, SAVE IT FOR BACKUP.

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Is there a true fix for this fatal error message yet?

I have been dealing with this for three days now. Whenever I click on the graphics tab in the options menu my game crashes. Can someone Activision please help us all out with this?

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Did you find a fix for the graphics problem?

hello, i ve the same problem from 3 or 4 days now… i’m thinking that activision can’t make a PC game :frowning: . is there some fix? i’ve tried everything and nothing worked.

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Same problem here.

The only temporary work around I found was to go to: C:\Users\xxxxx\Documents\Call of Duty Modern Warfare\players

Copy the files from there into a new folder on your desktop. Delete all the files from the folder and reopen Modern Warfare.

DO NOT Open the Graphics settings tab or the game will crash again.

As is currently sits (from what I can tell) we will have to play on the Graphics settings the game defaults too which is based on our Specs.

I’m having the same trouble too and my graphics card overheated

Can’t delete :pensive:The Files keep coming back

This happening too me also…We NEED too fix this…Cant play in low res…
Mayby we have too buy better graph-card???

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I have the same issue.
The only thing helps is NOT to go into the graphics option.
If you ever had a working config, you can also go to the archive directory and open the crashdumps. there you can find the config from that point of time and you can copy it to the players directory, so you restore the graphics settings from that time.

So we can’t have a clear activision answer on this subject? The goal is not just to be able to play the game without going to the graphics tab and play with a rotten resolution, please fix this problem

I’ve had the same problem for 3 days and still haven’t been able to find a solution.
The game is not played with mud-like graphics!
I contacted support and they still haven’t returned.

Even without going to the graphics menu the game is crashing on me

This is what worked for me, hope it will work for you too (finger crossed):

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