How to get a refund:

To cancel your pre-purchase:

Navigate to https: //eu .battle. net/support/en/help/product/war3r

Select Payments.

Select Request a Refund.

Select your payment method and reason you would like the refund (“no longer want this product” is recommended).

After your refund is complete, you will receive a technical ticket addressed to your blizzard account accessible next your messages at Battle .net. Please take the time to fill out the short survey and express that you are unwilling to recommend Blizzard games to your friends, and give your opinion on the situation in the manual entry box. Every cancelled pre-order helps.


Bullshit, when you release an “ok” game and then later on errors comes in the game, you will say “sorry, no refund due to too much play time”…

Dude if you are to broke to pay for it. and want a refund you should stop playing games and get a better job

Yeah, same here. I tried refund my Call of Duty 4 MW but it says: “Sorry, no refund due to too much play time”. I bought this game about 3 days ago.

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