I can't log in with my keys diablo 2 lod

It’s been 4 days now, what’s the reason and when can I come in?

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Perhaps your account is restricted ?

I entered the wrong CD-key for how long are these restrictions? I didn’t mean to

I don’t know to be honest… I’ve never done that. :slight_smile:

14 days is the maximum I think… but it could be shorter. Perhaps someone else will know.

Using the wrong CD key shouldn’t restrict you from the game, usually it’s something like flooding with repeated login requests in a short period of time or IP restricted due to connection type.

Looking at your account it appears you are restricted for 2 weeks due to trying to connect with a cloud computing service (Tencent)

Connection to Classic Battlenet can be restricted if you play from a commercially provisioned IP. This is generally business, public or university based connections. We recommend playing only from Residential provisioned IPs.

Our classic games actively do not support proxies or VPNs and can result in being temporarily restricted from classic Battlenet. If you are using any proxies or VPNs please disable them when attempting to connect to our classic servers. This also includes proxies and cloud based services.

Please note if you have been restricted due to Proxy or VPN usage this restriction will persist even if you switch to a normal connection type. We cannot remove this restriction and it must be allowed to expire before you will be able to connect again.

Currently it is set to expire after July 20th.


thanks for the prompt response , that is, I will be able to log in from my keys again after July 20 ?

Yes, as long as you are using a permitted residential connection. If you try logging in with the Tencent connection, that restriction will reset to another two weeks each time.

Just wait until after July 20th and only use a residential IP connection.

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