Im banned HELP!


I play Warzone a lot and had a lot of fun playing the game, but when I started my PC today I got the massage that my account is permantly banned. I didn’t recieve any e-mail or whatsoever and I don’t know why I got banned. I’m not really good at the game and I obviously don’t use cheats and I never use offensive languages towards other players. I really would like to know why my account is banned.


Warzone is an Activision game; sanctions are applied by Activision. Blizzard will not intervene nor comment on those.

About all I can provide for info is the link for the “Warzone Security and Enforcement Policy”. It’s kind of general but that’s all the info I’m aware of. See (copy the link in your browser).

I find it odd that you didn’t get some sort of an e-mail to inform you of the transgression but… Activision is not Blizzard and they do business differently.

I hope this helps.