Include Battle.Net version number for winget compatibility

Microsoft just released their new package manager for Windows, called “winget”. While trying it out, I noticed it always offered an update for Battle.Net, even though I’m already on the latest version. This is because Battle.Net doesn’t set its version number in the Windows “Add/Remove Program” entry (the list of programs where you can uninstall them from).
Because of this, winget doesn’t actually know which Battle.Net version is installed, displays Unknown version and always offers a update when running winget upgrade.

Could the devs please implement this tiny change so it plays nice with winget?


I agree it’s very annoying to have update every time

It seems like a simple fix that should have been done correctly in the first place


Yes, please update the client and add the version number! I have the same issue, winget will always display an update is available!
It shows always:
Battle.Net Blizzard.BattleNet Unknown winget


Same problem here. It is very annoying to have this recurring problem, simply because the version number is unknown.
A quick fix would be much appreciated! :pray:
Thank you!

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Like to add another +1 to this. I am already using winget on a daily basis and would love to see Battle.Net working with winget!


any update on this issue?

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I wish they would fix this. It seems like such a simple fix and with Winget now included in Windows updates it seems like something that Bliz are doing on purpose for some reason. Maybe silent installs are bad for some reason.

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OK so it looks like I found a temporary workround for this issue. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve just added the missing “DisplayVersion” key in regedit located at:

Just add the missing key like this: Right Click > New > String Value

  • Value name: DisplayVersion
  • Value data:

No more “Unknown version” issue with winget.
Note that I had the same issue with GOG Galaxy and that I’ve been able to solve it in the same way.

I hope Blizzard will solve this issue properly, so we don’t have to play with the Windows Registry anymore. :pray:

Note: It looks like this workaround will only avoid to display the apps having an unknown version issue. Unfortunately, If a new version comes out, we should get back the Unknown Version issue after the upgrade. :confused: I really hope Blizzard will provide a definitive fix for this one. :pray:

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Yeah I’d really appreciate them fixing this, super annoying.

Considering is self-updating you can just set DisplayVersion in registry to anything high like “999” and it will be always skipped.

But I agree, app should keep its manifest updated with correct version.

Edit: the details below may not matter anymore as it seems that appears to no longer be available via winget.

It’s not ideal, but what I did is build my winget upgrades around a PowerShell script that grabs the version of the and dumps that into the registry key. That way when it checks existing against upgrade it has something to compare with that is actually current.

The PS specific command to get version is:
(Get-Command ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\\’).FileVersionInfo.FileVersion

If you use batch, you can use wmic.

wmic datafile where name=“C:\Program Files (x86)\\” get Version /value