Increase Vinyl: Triumph of Gnomerega Drop Rate

Please increase Vinyl: Triumph of Gnomerega drop rate please!!! I have been farming this for days on my characters and I still couldn’t get it. This is an item that is required for a world of warcraft achievement “Mecha-done”. The drop rate for this item is just ridiculously low and there is no reason to be this low. I will explain how ridiculous the drop rate below.

According to wowhead, there are only 3 confirmed methods to get this item:

  1. Killing a rare mob called “Steel Singer Freza”, which has a 0.5% chance of dropping this vinyl
  2. Doing Reclamation Rig Hard Mode, which drops the “Irradiated Box of Assorted Parts” and has a 1% chance of dropping this vinyl
  3. Doing Reclamation Rig Normal Mode, which drops the “Box of Assorted Parts” and has an extremely low drop chance for this vinyl, probably less than 1%

Not to mention that this Reclamation Rig event requires 3000 spare parts and it doesn’t spawn every day, it is rng-based and with patch 8.3 (new content) out, it is really hard to group up for this event as everyone is too busy playing the new content.

So basically in order to obtain this vinyl, which a large portion of the wow player base is missing, you have to wait for an rng spawn for this event, and pray for the less than or equal to 1% drop chance for this vinyl (rng). Isn’t this ridiculous? Blizzard?

I mean you guys did create the Bad Luck Protection system during Legion to prevent rng from ruining the game experience for players and removed titanforged, which is also an rng based system. Moreover, you guys added the dubloon loot boxes for Island Expedition because players have been complaining about the items are way too rng based. I understand that Blizzard you guys are trying to remove as much rng as possible from the game so that more players can enjoy the game better. This item (Vinyl: Triumph of Gnomerega) has such a low drop rate and the ways to obtain it are limited and this has been affecting not only my gaming experience but also the majority of the players, so Blizzard please if you guys can see this post, please increase the drop rate for this vinyl so that more players can move on and do more 8.3 content, instead of wasting their time doing some old contents (mechagon).


I’ve trying to drop this for weeks now, not missing Freza or Reclamation Rig a single day. This drop chance is ridiculous given that this item is the requirement for a meta achievement.

Please, increase the drop chance.


100% Agree, the drop chance is crazy.


I heard the vinyl drop is bugged but blizzard is ignoring the issue, same as they are still ignoring the warfront bugs after 8.3 (mobs stuck in mountain) and I can give many other examples of bugs and issues that blizzard just ignore cause they don’t care. As long as people will buy their almost weekly new store mounts, they will be covered and won’t need to invest time and money to try and fix the mountain of issues the game has.(Rumors say that people farmed Mounts that dropped from specific rares/World bosses for years even though the drops were bugged, Blizzard knew apparently but never said anything officially to warn people cause it was convenient for them that people spent more time in game) the thing with bugs is that they never affect 100 % of the players so the item still drops for some of them and that put them on a safe side saying that it’s just a low drop rate and that there is no guarantee that the item will ever drop.
Usually the drop bugs happen when too many players farm an item, if that’s true I’m sure that people that farm in mass with 50+ Alts every single minute of each day everyday mare causing this, in my opinion these people are clinically sick and obsessed and need to stop playing)
These are the numerous rumors I read online and from people I know that been playing the game for a decade at least. I’m starting to believe it’s true. And I myself been playing for more than 11 years and farmed all kind of stuff, so in a way I would be well placed to say it’s all bullshit since I’ve dropped rare items myself but on the contrary I feel it’s true sadly. I think there is a limited amount of items that drop from an npc/box that refills every time It gets empty, i think the bug might be that people are farming the item to much it’s getting empty too fast and don’t have time to refill XD. So I have to say one thing, extreme farmers you guys need to chill and stop farming on 1000 Alts and try and do something else so we can all have fun and hunt stuff in the game. Thanks

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Blizzard please notice this post!

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Hi. Got the same problem. Please fix it.

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I really regret investing time in the Mecha-Done achieve. I didn’t realize this one item had a rare-mount drop rate until I was down to just Lemonade Steel, the blue & orange spraybots and this one vinyl. I’ve been working on those four since November, and finally got all but the vinyl. Now… i just leave my toon sitting around the Rec Rig in the hopes that it comes up. And then I sit around waiting for enough people to contribute 3k spare parts. And then it doesn’t drop. And then I go farm spare parts near Freza for the next rig, waiting for her to spawn. Bah.

Honestly, I’d prefer that the meta’s mount be dropped from a rare. At least that’s a reasonable experience: come in, wait for the rare, kill it, be done.


I’ve needed only this vinyl for the meta achievement for months now. Killed the rare almost every day and done Reclamation Rig an uncountable amount of times. I’ve gotten the mount drops on the island before this vinyl. Please enough is enough.


Completely agree, killed trogg and freza nearly every day since 8.2 launched, as well as rig every time i see it and still waiting on this vinyl as well as the blue spraybot. These drop rates are utterly ridiculous. Its 8.3 now i dont want to be taking an hour every day to be able to finish a meta achiev from the previous patch. Please devs cmon.

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Agree. Hopefully Blizzard will notice this problem.

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This drop rate needs to be increased to around 20% like most of the other drops throughout mechagon. It is not fun nor rewarding to sit for months playing the same content over and over and never see this drop. Nazjatar meta was completed months ago and mechagon should be on par with this in difficulty to obtain rather than center around RNG. This goes the same with current 8.3 content. Increase the drop rates.

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This is killing my will to play, the droprate is absurd. Has been the last thing for the full meta achievement for quite some time now for many players.

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Please increase the drop rate, this is taking the little time i have to play with work and real life to spend on the new stuff thats out, my friends are passing me up…

Please buff or figure out this drop rate. Was killing friza and doing rec rig daily for along while and have still not seen this vinyl drop. I have every other achievment done except this one. Thank you.

I defiantly agree that something needs to be changed on this.
Been farming this since mid August… nothing. Given up since 8.3 dropped. But when 8.3 is over (Aotc) I would like to see changes to this so months and months aren’t in vein. As once Shadowlands drops (pos october) the rig will have to be solo built due population, that’s lots of farming for 1%.

OOOO >Yes please change this droprate to normal - i also farming that Vinyl since month pls pls thx Blizz

I too would like to see the drop rate increased. It is ridiculously low. In fact, I quit the game 4 months ago because I got tired of farming this item and rares in mechagon (no mount drops for me even using multiple characters).

Killing Steel Singer Freza and been doing the rig everyday since the start of june and I still don’t have the Vinyl. This is just stupid…


In the same boat as everyone else here, been farming this constantly for months and months. This is not fun or rewarding game play and its stopping me from enjoying the current content due to having to camp freza and the rig (Not many players left doing this now) Buff the drop rate please!


Blizzard, really, pls fix drop rate from 1% to <15%. This vinyl ₽&@&₽ me! ((