It says Account not found

Hi , it says Account not found when im trying to log into my account through the app or website and im pretty sure im entering my email and password correctly , so ive made a new email and came here to ask for ur help


Sadly we can’t help with this from the forums, please make a Support ticket from your current account and the Customer Support team can work with you to recover the account. Make sure to include details of the other account so the CS representative can find it.

I’ve got the same issue, how long will it take for you to look into this issue?

this is my second account and i have the same problem on my main and all they say is make a support ticket but you cant as it says account not found have you not through this through ?!

you cant make a ticket if it says cant find account !!!

Tried to play some D3 today. Getting account not found. ???

Having the same problem right here.

I am having the same issue right now. and wondering if ill ever get my account back. :frowning: I Just made a support ticket a few hours ago and still nothing. is there a fix to this?

did U get it fixed somehow?

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did U get it fixed somehow?

i need my acount


Account issues such as this cannot be resolved on the forums; you need to contact Blizzard Support with a ticket.

Go here: and click on the Contact Us button at the bottom of the page to start the process.

You will likely need to provide some photo ID to prove you are the owner of the account… see this Support article for details :

Good luck with this !

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