Item Restoration Page not working

I’ve been trying to restore an item on Classic,which i just disenchanted but i keep getting an error upon selecting my character on the item restoration page

Something went wrong on our end
An error has occurred. This may be a temporary error, so please try again later.

Error code:

I’ve have already made a ticket about this nearly 5 days ago (on the day i mistakenly disenchanted) but there has been 0 response so far.

The matter is kind of urgent as its an item i use daily and i will need it for my guild raids :frowning:

I can’t even see if i am able to retrieve it back as i am not getting into the screen where i can see what i recently disenchanted or sold.

So far, only one of my other characters can view their sold/disenchanted items while all the others face the same issue. My Guildies are not having the issue though.

This all leads me to believe that there might be something wrong with the character and the service but i cant figure out why.

Can anyone please assist one this?


This does happen sometimes, however, when it does the only solution is to contact a Games Master ingame, and choose another Topic than “item restore”, so you can detail to us the item you wish restoring in the ticket and on which characters. I’m happy to see you have done this!

Hopefully you will get an answer soon about the item restoration and I apologise for the delay due to our current queue.

Dude go to Forum and choose “TOP” then start replying from the “TOP” thanks.

This post is only to get update on my character on logs

Welcome to the Legacy Games Tech Support forum !

This forum is for assistance by the Community on technical issues on old games such as Diablo II (2000) and The Lost Vikings.

Not only are you posting on the forum for the wrong game, your post is not about a technical issue. And you just unearthed an April 2020 topic when there is a recent (less than a week old) topic on the same subject.