Just got D2 and can't access Battle.net


So I just purchased Diablo 2 and LOD, installed it and tried to access Battle.Net. After it downloaded a new version and installed it (of battle.net that is) it got stuck for a few minutes on “Checking Versions” and then got a error that says “Can’t connect to bnet, try again in a few minutes”
Are the servers down or what? I saw a few people talking about Bans, but I just got the game…

I just want to play the game I paid for…

Hello Zigot!

We’re sorry to hear you experienced this problem. Please follow this guide to resolve the problem:

Thanks for getting back to me. Followed all the steps and still nothing. A few minutes of “Checking Versions” and then “Battle.net is not responding. Please try again in a few minutes”. So you are saying that it has to do with my network settings and it’s not a ban or anything like that?

SO running a tracert it looks like I get a Request Timed Out after the IP. I guess that is Blizzard’s IP from Netherlands. SO I am guessing it’s a temp ban? Also attempting to reconnect to Battle.net will result in another ban or an extension of the ban?

This literally makes no sense, I guess if a Blizz person can confirm that I have a ban and also for how long I am banned would make things a bit easier?

But still…