Keyboard stop works "INGAME"

Hello everyone I have a serious problem I hope you can help me I searched a lot on the internet nothing helps me My keyboard stops working no matter what game it stops me for a few seconds I can’t press anything Let’s say I play a call of duty trying to press W or no matter which move button it doesn’t work and the game still works smoothly without any lags every time the player moves A few steps and stops again and continues like this until it releases alone I also press ESC it takes a few seconds until it is pressed it really annoys me already and can’t find a solution hope i find the solution here thanks alot.

İ got this problem too, you found any solution ?

Please do not necro old topics; this topic was created in April 2020.

As I wrote in your other topic on this issue, you need to contact Activision Support at for any ingame related issues with Call of Duty.

Best of luck in your games !