Kicked from Dungeon for no reason, getting deserter, wrong system?

So I just got kicked from a DF group for no reason. When I texted the leader (tank) he said I am not a team player because I didn’t heal them so they kicked me.

I joined the group before the last boss and some trash mobs. I was spawned at the entrance (MoT). I was running with my mount towards them as fast as I can. Then the tank started the pull when I was not even close, I was still at the mist gates. Finally when I got to them they were already wiped. I offered to mass res but they already realesed by the time I started to cast. They ran back to the mobs we started to clear the dungeons last part, we killed 2-3 packs without a problem, then the vote finished and I got kicked.

I am an adult with a full time job, meaning I dont have too much time to play the game, so the 30 minutes deserter debuff is just very painfull. Especially in a game with sub fee.

Maybe raising the necesarry kick votes from 3 to 4 can help? One of the dudes in the group was nice and texted me, “sorry mate I voted no but these people are just trolls”…

In my opinion it shouldn’t be okay for people to ruin your time you can spend on the game or they have no right to take it away from you if there is no extremely good reason for that. For me this is way more motivating to cancel my subscription then some player trashtalking because I can ignore them, but I cannot ignore the deserter debuff…

This happened to me for a few times already and each time I just logged off and didnt play anymore that day. Not because the players made me angry, there are a.holes in the world, deal with it, but I am angry about the system that gives zero protection for players like me who gets hours of their playtime ripped away by trolls. But hey, I can report a player for “spamming” which can be ignored by 2 clicks.

Blizzard should make 100% sure that if I paid to play their game nobody can stop me from playing it IF I respect the terms and policies the game has… which I did. And if someone is telling me that the deserter doesn’t stop me from playing other parts of the game the only thing I hear is that “at least you can do something you don’t want to do”.

I wish all of you better randoms than I had today… again.