Lack of specific information related to despawn time of boss (with unlooted items) TBC Classic

My fellow coplayers,

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with the Customer Support provided by BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT.

About a week ago, due to a misunderstanding, I forgot to loot the Tsunami Talisman from Leotheras the Blind. When I returned there his corpse was gone also the precious trinket.

Since then, I have been requesting a compensation and repeatedly pointing out the obvious lack of specific information related to despawn time of the boss (with unlooted items) provided by the official website

According to the official website of the European Union:

“EU consumer protection rules ensure that when you buy goods and services in the EU you have clear information on the product or service you’re buying, its price, shipping and delivery costs as well as on your rights when things go wrong.”
Your rights when shopping in the EU - Your Europe (

The main aspect of World of Warcraft is player’s progress based on acquisition of better items – loot (gear – armor, weapons, jewels etc.). Hence, information about the time – for how long it is available in boss’s corpse is essential. Not providing this information is against customer’s rights defined by European Union.

Moreover, if there is specific information related to payments (how much to pay for subscription, when the prepaid subscriptions ends and a new payment will have to occur, how much it costs to transfer to another server, level boost prices etc.) there has to be specific information about in-game mechanisms as well. This game is a bunch of ones and zeros, therefore it has to be able to provide exact data.

If my raid group had know that the despawn time is, lets say 10 minutes, the whole group of 25 people would have returned as soon as possible in order to get that trinket, without risking a delay due to wipe of a single player.

Blizzard’s response “Customer Support does not recover unlooted items.” and simultaneous lack of essential information related to the matter is a radical discrepancy between customer’s (player’s) rights and duties.