Launcher Update

The last played section is placed very unfortunate. It should not be in line with favorites.
Please either put it somewhere else or better give us an option to turn it off.

There was feedback about this and many stated the same issue but it went live anyway please read the feedback and act.


An option to turn it off would be great indeed. The whole point of the favorites tab is to have easy access to the games you play. The last played tab is redundant, especially showing three games and being next to favourites.


I only have one Blizzard game… Diablo III.

It was already on my Favourites tab… now it shows up on the Last Played section too :slight_smile:

It would be nice if I could hide the last played thing…

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^^ This

I would really just like to disable it all together.

It’s ugly and clutters the launcher. I have my favourite games pinned, I don’t need more than that.

I changed my ‘On Startup, View’ Settings to be the last viewed game page, hoping that it will keep these shortcuts off my launcher. They have reappeared once so far.

I just want an option to get rid of it please.

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I mean i am not against this quick start option and i get the point of why they did it. Problem is as i said and you too the positioning of this option is just not good it annoys more then it helps.

To me it sounds like there are mixed design and user feedback related goals that ended up being mushed together on the latest client, and generally the ones after they moved to show not only installed games.

That last played section seems to try and have the same functionallity as a desktop shortcut - something that people asked in order to just start the game faster.

Instead of providing a desktop shortcut though, adding the requirement to force a player to open the client in order to play a game, that section came to be as the only logical solution - at least this is how i receive it.

Technically all AAA companies have a launcher of some short to drive engagement and convert to their shop, but there is a diminishing returns on how much you show ad-news to people before they start considering it equivalent to pop ups and an annoyance.

I would consider a revisit on the Launcher main goals and target group, is it an app that manages updates and starts games ? is it a shop ? is it a news aggregator ? is it a chat app ?

To me it is a jack of all trades and master of none, I generally like that I can select my games, pick the version I want to play on and see my Friends but I don’t like that sometimes it is taking so much to bring up the game because “Reasons”, shows me games that I would never buy from Activision, and now tries to pivot on some News app.

As i said i don’t mind the quick launch option per se. It just feels so heavily redundant with the favourite category in the same line. I see the following options to improve it.
Give the user the option to choose between using the favourite bar or the quick start bar. Improve the quickstart bar by allowing more games then three to be shown up here. Or repositioning of the Favourite bar to the bottom of the launcher would also be an option. Or Set the Quicklaunch bar vertical to the left side of the launcher. But currently having the quick launch bar left from the favourite bar feels as i said to redundant.

It is good that they experiment with the launcher and improve it or the will to improve it. But there are better options.

In a perfect world they would give us the option to positioning everything in the launcher like the user want it but that would require to build up the launcher totally modular.

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My launcher updated today and when I checked the settings there is a tick option for the ‘last played bar’