Legacy RAF Track Lost

I had a recruit in the legacy reward system. Today i was able to claim my next reward upon logging in, but to my surprise the reward had changed to the first month of the current RAF reward programm. Also the counter went from 1 in legacy to 0 (and from 0 to 1 in current raf). I dont want this, and multiple people are reporting the same issue. I did it specifically for the explorers transmog items, not for the goblin gear.

Please look into this and revert it. (The program even stated legacy RAF recruits would keep earning you rewards for the legacy system)

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What game is this for ? WoW DragonFlight ?

The recruit a friend program was recently updated and as you mentioned we have seen a few reports of getting different rewards even if you were on the old recruit a friend program. I know it is being looked at but I do not know what the outcome of that investigation will be. I recommend following this discussion on the World of Warcraft Forums.

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