Literally, yelling at cloud (Diablo 4)

For the second time in two weeks, I got back home late to spend some time in Diablo 4, just to find 200mb update initializing for an hour (in the first case with a follow up 6gb update). I don’t have any interest in new seasons and stuff, but can we just get a normally working game when we pay 69,99 EUR for the standard edition?

Keep your in-game shop for the FOMO junkies, but please, give me a break if I just want to enjoy the story I paid for.

If you want the Diablo IV Team to see your comment, you need to post it in the Diablo IV forum… not here.

This forum here is for feedback on the Battle.Net Desktop App — aka, the Launcher.


Thanks, actually, this is partly related to download/intializing speed for new updates in the Battlenet app. But I will check out the D4 forum.

I guess the point I was trying to make is that you’re not going to get much help from Blizzard here… if any, because the function of this forum is to collect feedback on the current Battle.Net Launcher – things such as how easy/difficult it is to use, desirable new features, whether the menus are intuitive, etc. It’s not meant for discussing technical issues that you are experiencing with the Launcher – there are other forums for that.

I checked the Knowledge Base… and there isn’t much as far as help apart from:

which suggests some basic troubleshooting and then refers you to:

for a bit deeper checking… before referring you to the game forums or a submission of a ticket.

The reason I suggested the Diablo IV forums is that there were a lot of issues with Diablo IV download speeds 2~3 months ago:

There were some workaround(s) developped by the Community… such as this one:

Finally… if the workarounds you find don’t solve the issue you’re having… I would suggest you put a ticket in.

Good luck !