Loot Issues in LFR Vault of Incarnates

I have loot issues in LFR VoI
case 1:
last week, I joined LFR1. got disconnect before 1st boss, Eranog. when I rejoined, Eranog was dead and group was going to 2nd boss. I got saved for boss, received no loot, no roll, not even a relic for reputation

case 2: same week
I did full LFR1 wing, before start I did check and was saved only to Eranog (for above reasons). I got loot from Council, yet after killing Dathria Ascended, I got absolutely no loot. no roll, no relic. GM could not resolve it, said it is probably a bug

case 3: this week
joined LFR2, I could not enter, because group started combat. I thought it was trash and waited. when I joined, Kurog was dead, last boss and I was saved for it. yet I was OUTSIDE of raid whole time.

Group Loot is very stupid idea. It does not work

  1. fix this loot issues please. only one “justified” is first case. I god DC< I was in raid and member of Raid group
    other two issues were not my fault

  2. return PERSONAL loot. even in such situations, I would still get something at least