Loot Tooltip bug

Hello there , i seem to have a problem since s2 started. I cant trade any loot to any playeR with me in the random hc dungeon , m+ or raid. Any item that i loot is simply Soulbound without a tooltip for possible trade with group ppl that did the content with me. No matter of item lvl , for example i have boots 447 ilvl and i get boots from m+ that are 415 424 or any other ilvl and they are immediately soulbound. Also in the raid if some1 trades me the item I CANNOT TRADE IT BACK. i wrote ticket to and got response that its issue in addons and UI. i deleted all addons and removed addon folder from the wow completely and from the pc , did the dungeon got item and still could not trade it. I literally dont know what else to do. Oh yea i also did SCAN and repair of the game.



This forum is for providing feedback and suggestions on the Battle.Net Desktop App (the Launcher) to Blizzard; it is the wrong forum for Starcraft 2 issues.

Starcraft 2 has its own forums and its own Bug Report forum… here:


Did you reply to your ticket saying that deleting all addons did not solve the issue ?

Sometimes, an issue will require some troubleshooting steps before the cause of the issue can be identified… do follow up with Blizzard Support since you already have a ticket in the system. If the ticket was closed as resolved, open a new one and refer to your current ticket number so that the Game Master can get some background info.

Good luck with this.


I Have this problem too and they dont help me i dont know why