Mirage Raceway server is down

It has been some hours now and Mirage-Raceway server (Wotlk classic) remains down and I have seen no post or any kind of extra-maintenance announcement.
All other servers seem functional however.

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Server status say it’s online but when i try to log in my character selection is blacked out…

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Hi Caligvla,

Me and a friend have the same issue u describe. I can wait a few minutes then the characters appear, but when i use ‘enter world’ its stuck in the loading screen.

Edit: After about 10 minutes loading im ‘in the world’

Edit 2 : It seems to work now

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Same here as mentioned above… can not find any information on fix or maintenance

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same here … and this post should be long enough

Let’s hope someone from Blizzard will see this, as they made sending a ticket to them nearly impossible

Ok now I could log in and it seems playable, hopefully that lasts. Maybe they saw the post and restarted the server

ok i`ll try that… back in a min

ok i`m in… hopefully your assumption is right

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Same here! it’s down already for more than 45 mins… still crushing

I noticed the same issue and now I can’t log on my main char.
Have been trying it for 2 hours and it says ‘A character with that name already exists’.
It is afk in Orgrimmar…