Modern Warfare 2 is Trashhhhhhh

I want a refund on Modern Warfare 2 or I will report you to the better business bureau. This game is not playing as advertised, and I want my money back. All of your webpages to perform a refund are conveniently down at this time, and that’s bullshit. Just give me my money back and Ill be on my way. Wont use your trash ass services…


Bro, just b/c you hop into a competitive shooter and suck butt doesn’t mean you can then hop on the forums (wrong forums I might add, but honestly, what good does a forum post do anyway?) and start cussing people out and ranting and raving like a looney tune. There are plenty of people who are having fun in MW2.

See what I done was to realise from the dreadful experience that is this platform and the
complete lack of support and the amount of cheats in the game knowing the same thing
would happen to the new pile of shite so I kept my money for better games problem solved.