Modern warfare 2 Unstable

There are so many crashes to desktop, on this game in campaign that it’s impossible to play.

New drivers are installed for the GPU. (Rollback has been tried.)
New patches for Windows installed. (Rollback has been tried.)
Scan and repair of the game install. (Has been tried two times.)
Reboot and clearing temp files in Windows were tried.
Safe mode start on the game has also been used. GPU settings have been lowered and set high again with same results. Resolution too, and refresh rate.

Still, the issues remain. If this continues I will have to ask for a refund, the game is impossible to play!



Support for Activision is limited to installation and patching; for anything else, you need to contact Activision Support .

See details here:

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Hello, I purchased Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® II - Vault Edition through Battlenet. To this day I have not received the vault, nor what comes with it. To note that i play via pc. I’ve tried restarting the PC and the game a couple of times, but nothing helps. I paid like $100 extra and I can’t use it.
What to do ???


Contact Blizzard Support; use this link and click on the Contact Us button at the bottom of the web page.

Provide as much information as you can.

I already requested a refund… the same issue…

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That’s unfortunate as Activision’s support is not helpful. They have launched it too early

They answer to me but did not help me.
“As I understand you didn’t receive the pre-order contents of the game, to fix this kind of problem we will need to restore some licenses in the game, so please go to Call of Duty Modern Warfare settings menu and select ‘restore licenses’.”

I am playing on pc so i do not have this option, plus game often crashes ccccccc

if blizzard sold the game on there they must have some responsibility to help out.


They do… to some extent. However, they did not create the game, they are only selling it.

So they’ll help you with the purchase and the installation.

Blizzard did not create MWII… so they have no particular insight to what the issue might be if the game won’t start, crashes or disconnects. They don’t have access to the code, so they cannot fix bugs. This type of in-game issues falls in the lap of Activision.

but they sell it on ther app