Modern Warfare & Warzone download

I was playing Warzone but decided to pay the full Modern Warfare as it is on offer, however Just like many others here i am trying and failing over and over to downloand an 85GB update, it tries and stops and now it will not do anything and its stuck at 75.49GB, everytime it keeps failing with the same error BLZBNTAGT000008A4 and the information they provides does nothing, come on Blizzard, ive paid money to look at a “We’re having problems transferring date” please get it sorted or refund the payments - at least have the decency to answer the community


I’ve got the same problem and the downlaod is failing the whole time…


Same… Even tried to do a clean install and download and still get the error… working fine yesterday :frowning:

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So basically you are telling us that we should not complain about the service that we paid for it? Unsatisfied customers have all the right to complain about it. Like it or not but this is the fact!!

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I am not saying that you should not complain.
The whole world at present has gone to shit…people are dying by the hundreds daily.
Until COVID 19 has come to an end problems like this are going to happen on a regular basis.
All I am saying is get a grip of reality…I would rather be an unsatisfied customer… the fact is there is far more to life than a game.
Think hard about the people that will never be able to play games in the future.

Alright mate, here is the solution… If the company thinks that they can’t provide a good service or tech support to customers due to Coronavirus, then they should stop selling the game until all this COVID-19 shit stops. So it’s okay to take people’s money and not provide support and pretend like nothing wrong? Nowadays everybody trying to stay home as governments say and we’re just trying to find something to keep us busy. If they officially announce to us that they are sorry and they’ll fix everything after COVID-19 ends, I think everyone will wait patiently.

P.S (Downloading 80gb+ of data after every update doesn’t really help the world’s network traffic at all)

Stay safe mate.

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SO For me IS Fixed! :smiley: No download list.
What I have done when I woke up today is to remove battlenet reinstall again and let it update if it has any update.
Make a backup game(with a different name folder of the original)
Unistall the game from battlenet so battlenet won’t recognize anything to download.
Press Install let it create the folders it should have inside after initializing press pause.
Exit battlenet.
Replace every file(on the original file of call of duty) with your backup game you already have.
Enter battlenet go to game settings and make Scan/Repair let it run and boom it worked for me :slight_smile:
Hope it works for everyone.
We don’t have to download everything again because we already have it.
It was maybe a battlenet issue and they fixed it ? I m not sure.
Good Luck everyone

I have the same problem, I waited for the initial warzone install ( ± 85GB)

started playing and said hey this is a great game so lets buy it…

Now its back to 88GB download and I cant even play Warzone anymore… Roll back purchase??? WTF guys.

I get we all have lockdown but I just dont have the CAP or bandwith in South Africa to do this over again. And our WACS cable is off so this will be another 2 week download for me???

Money back?

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You sir, have absolutely no clue what is going on at the moment and why people are complaining.
People have to ‘Update’ their game. That’s ok.
People have to ‘Update’ their game with a new 80-170Gb file. Thats NOT ok.
People have the game on their PC, fully, but still need to ‘Update’ 80+Gb.

Yes people are at home, yes I’m at home myself, I just finished working and wanted to play the game. Download speeds slow? No problem for a few Gb’s. NOT FOR ANOTHER 80+GB.


For the update I chosed ASIA region then pause than continue and the update downloaded fast. I’m not sure if you download the game from beginning it works but Update done finally. I feel myself a hacker :smile:

@Creations I had the same problem. You can apply for a refund via support, and mine was basically instant and done automatically.

They know it’s a problem, it’s all over the US servers too. My advice would be to get the refund now (via account support), then come back in two weeks and see if they have resolved the problem (Sale ends 14th April).


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If the download error appears, open download settings, set download speed to 300 then unpause. This should restart the download. Then open download settings again and set download speed to your max speed (i.e 25000 for 25Mb/s). This should then increase the speed to the max available. Repeat as necessary…

didnt work for me :frowning:

2 days so far to download 23Gb of 171Gb, see you in a month :roll_eyes: come on get your shit together.


The problems have nothing to do with people working from home. Why do you think this shitty game needs a 171gb patch? Because the game is a pile of shit. Its been nothing but trouble since launch. After nearly every update or patch there have been issues, certainly on PC. And what is the point of having a user forum if Blizzard, Activision or whoever is responsible for this, simply ignores us all?
If I could get my money back I would. I certainly wont be parting with anymore cash their way in future. Utter disgrace. No after care at all.

Yeah same here i think we should push for money back for this it a complete shambles may be they might take some notice or they will blame covid 19 under staffed which is bull for something like this. I had it downloaded then it does it again know its stuck and will probable need to reinstall .Never had anything like this in 25y of gaming !!

Well if you had to download the same 170 gb for the 4th time now you would be as mad as most people like me are. We reported TONS of cases of that bug when they launched the 20gb update , so why the hell did they think it was a “good idea” to give us an 150mb update before they fix it? Last but not least , why does this happen only on pc and why we never had such problems on steam . Thats by far the biggest mistake of activision …going with blizzard :confused:

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That was really smart, congratz . But now you need 340 gb for the game right? :stuck_out_tongue:

great update 171GB @ 642.79KB/s, more than 2 weeks to download, then another update , hope 600GB ! and so one ! happy earning money fartzzard!