More then 2 days no support?

I need to change my country residence from the US to the Netherlands so i can add my phone number. It’s been more then 2 days and i just cannot play the game that i pre ordered? Can you take a look BLIZZARD ACTIVISION


I’ve had my ticket open for a week now without any response.

Did any of you get a response yet? just so i know so i can do something to chargeback my purchase of mw 2 and buy it on steam
because my account got hacked and they probably cant even get it back anymore

You must feel sad!?

I had simmular back in vanila days on WoW My Account got so badly hacked that i lost, at that time my e-mail aswell. Feelt so bad that i lost all will to play the game further.

Changed my email, and rerolled shamman a few years later. And are enjoying WoW more then ever