MW2 Inactivity kick

The inactivity kick rate is quiet short and stupid. After playing as sentinel I cant to play for very long before the inactivity kick kicks in. Being on a roof using the spotter to help my team point out enemies dont work either as being “active”. Out of 5 invader games so far Ive been kicked 4 times. First game I was in the countdown to start when being kicked for inactivity so that one dont really count…


Just went through the same. I was sniping on a huge map and never stopped moving my scope around. Kicked for inactivity.


Just got kicked myself. As a spotter or a sniper you aren’t supposed to move much or give yourself away in the process. I was shooting and all of a sudden as I was tracking another target I got kicked. This needs to be addressed seriously


+1 this is trash. I was using the Spotter to look around the map and snipe and mark enemies, I was actually even moving a little, from one side of the roof top to the other and occasionally firing myself to try to pick people off in Ground War… got kicked 3 times trying that, what’s the point in a spotter and a sniper if you can’t stay in a nice camping spot?
Inactivity is fine, but if you using the spotter and marking out enemies the game KNOWS you’re doing something and not inactive, so that’s a definite bug/bad implementation of the feature

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Yup same issue here, playing invasion and climbed up the mosque tower on one of the maps, which is obviously designed as a sniper nest. Got a few kills, and was spotting for my team then… boom… “FU” says the game, “how dare you not run around bunnyhopping and sliding in the centre of the maps?”

This bug is still taking place, hopefully it will be addressed soon. The view count on this thread indicates a lot of folks are googling why they were kicked (me included). I was just kicked from a game after earning 15 spotter assists in a super short time, was going very well and boot…

Kicked for inactivity, ad nauseum, seems if you prone you get kicked even if you shoot constantly. Moronic.

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yup this bug is still going, I just with these devs would just fix the game, seams like after every update it get worse

So far today I’ve been kicked for inactivity a minimum of 5 times in 2 hours. This is getting absolutely ridiculous, especially for those that pay for the Blackcell season…


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