Mw2 unintelligent, unreliable, and unwanted

I have just been reading a review of MW2 it is a impartial review from the players
not someone trying to sell the game or advertise it. And I quote.

" If you’d ask me to sum up the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer offering in three words, those would be the ones I’d choose. It’s unintelligent, unreliable, and unwanted. It’s an unfortunate fact to take on board, but the high expectations we had in place for the MW2 multiplayer platform have been effectively dashed to pieces. This could have been the greatest Call of Duty title in over a decade, but ultimately, it’s a broken platform that seems more interested in punishing the player than offering a clean experience.

From the moment the multiplayer offering went live, fans were left baffled by the overwhelming count of senseless changes that had taken place. There are entire portions of the platform totally missing, there’s an SBMM engine that is brutally insufferable, and there’s a bizarre imbalance present across most of the game that just makes it feel strange to play. From complex unlock paths to an unintuitive perk system, and from pointless attachments to uninspiring maps, there are many issues at hand that need addressing." the review goes on a lot more and none of it is good,
what the hell is this company up to it really looks like all they want is our money and sod us once we have purchased the game umm sounds familiar for me, I will not be purchasing anymore from this company the fact that MW2 is already hacked so the cheats are there is enough to not buy never mind all the rest, nice one blizzard.


I would like to ask the developers a question, “why make the game so complicated?”

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I have not played the game, yet I will try the free version I most defiantly will not be purchasing the game because of the cheating never mind the rest.
To your question you will not get an answer here to any question you will get banned for
things like the posts I have put up I know I will get a ban umm I wonder if Elon Musk has bought the company that would explain why it’s gone to shit.