My account got banned for no reason and you refuse to give any explaination for that

Right after I bought expansion for WoW my account was banned. Support says I violated terms but I actually red them and did nothing what’s in there. I’m kind, I don’t use rude words, I didn’t even interact with others and account has like 1 month.

I thought maybe they didn’t like the shop where I bought battle net credit but I guess in this case the ban would be account wide and not wow specific.

I played with somebody from the same IP, different accounts, there’s no multiboxing and they allow that.

What’s very unfair is that ban happened right after I bought the game. I demand answers.

Hello there Jycvysjc,

We cannot discuss account penalties on the forums. If you wish to appeal the penalty, you can do so following the steps here. Please note that any given penalty can only be appealed once; if the appeal has already been reviewed and denied then the penalty is final.