My internet does not work with blizzard for some reason

My friend and I have been experiencing several issues regarding blizzard and its games. whenever I try to open the website or the app on my pc it does not connect and just loads for a while. Some of the games like COD MW are not accessible because of this. During the beginning when the blizzard page worked for a bit I still could not access COD Modern Warfare. However, when I use a VPN or change my internet connection from my main one to my mobile hotspot, it works. This would be fine if not for the poor internet and poor in-game ping. I have tried restarting both my router and pc, factory resetting my router, and changing the DNS to Cloudflare’s. It has been a couple of days and I honestly do not know what I should do know. Any and all help would be appreciated.

If you and your friend are on the same ISP then it could be there’s a more local issue you may want to talk to your ISP about. However, we can also take a look at your system files to see if there’s a problem we can identify that could cause this.

Please upload your system files to and reply with the links to the files using the preformatted text option to encapsulate the links.

Can you connect to the App? Or any of our other games?

I am experiencing this same issue… It appears to be whatever connection you use to install, you must always use this. I can only play on wifi and not ethernet. Super annoying!