New battle net client verification puzzle is cruel

As of 02/02/2023 it appears every time you want to log in to another account through the client you’re forced to go through a TWENTY step verification puzzle of adding up dice to the sum of 14, as a parent who shares my computer with other family members, (some who have problems with numbers) I find this immensely frustrating and cruel, and it makes me wonder if there’s been a bug in the system causing this.
When you start the puzzle it appears to be a 5-step process, which then turns into 20 when you reach the fifth checkmark, along with all this, the puzzle doesn’t stop you if you make a mistake but instead let’s you continue through the whole 20 steps, just to tell you you got one of them wrong. I don’t mind account security, but this system is just plain cruel to people with disabilities and people with limited time.

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Blizzard what are you doing ? how can anyone think a 20 step verification is a good idea

Added forced security is always a problem

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TWENTY step verification puzzle are irretating me