New app feedback

I’ve been using the new app for about 3 days. Looks really good!

I especially like how the central panel (news area) scales when I re-size the window.

Some bugs:
Every time I start the app the tutorial pops up, i.e. it doesn’t remember that I’ve seen this before.
It doesn’t remember which monitor I last used and closed the app on, so it opens on my main screen and is then too large, i.e. , doesn’t open on my larger monitor where it was last used.
It doesn’t fit on my laptop screen - too big, not scaling to screen.

In my opinion, it’s HORRIBLE. There was no reason at all to change the layout and place the game list on the top instead of the regular left side arrangement. It was much more intuitive that way instead of the “only icons” layout on the top of the new Launcher.

It was simple, it was working and everyone and their dogs were used to it. Why ohh why does every company feels like they have to reinvent the wheel when it was working just fine.

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