New OW2 account falsely perma banned

My account has been permanently banned in overwatch 2 after about 25 games of quickplay, i was sent the standard email for reasoning. I believe i was mass reported for ‘‘Cheating’’ because im a old returning player with a new account (As i no longer have access to my old xbox one) , i have sent a ticket and have not yet received a response after 2+ days of waiting. Has anyone else encountered the same scenario and if so what did you do and how long did it take for it to be resolved?

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Unfortunately the only way to appeal is via a ticket. You will need to wait for a response. It seems they have a high volume of tickets atm. I hope you get a response soon.

This forum is for gathering feedback on the desktop app aka the launcher.

Bans can’t be discussed on any forums, even if you were on the Overwatch one.


see the issue is, Overwatch 2 is a game where the moderation is fully automated, and this system where a player who gets X amount of reports gets punished accordingly with no Human review involved is easy to abuse, you killed the game and you made it worse for those who chose to remain, the bulk of overwatch 2 players I feel, and based on the skins I see in my lobby, are old overwatch players, give us what we deserve, some proper handling of what remains of this game.

probably false strike due to auto-moderation. Try to appeal through the support ticket, and don’t forget to properly explain your situation!