On Diablo 2: Resurrected - Before it is too late

I have been playing Diablo since 1997 and Diablo 2 is the best game i have ever played. So, resurrecting such an important game requires some skill, awareness and, above all, sensitivity.
Writing things below just after checking the game’s dedicated website.
Dear Devs, i know you will delete my posts as you did in the past but this time is different. Please do this right. This game is of utmost importance.

  1. From the video: Town portal visuals are not same with the one in the original and look ugly. The bright outer ring used to be thicker. You also have the original game. You can compare such things.
  2. From the video: Claw vipers are not looking like “original” claw vipers.
  3. From the video: Mephisto and Diablo visuals are very fleshy (poeish). Especially Diablo of the second game is a bony, scaly demon and does not stand that tall on his feet and legs.
  4. From the video: From epic wings of Tyrael to fishbone in the back of Tyrael.
  5. From the video: Druid’s Hurricane does not release lightning tendrils by any means.
  6. From the video: I do not know the technical term for it but there is a general verticality/elongation problem in the visuals.
  7. From the video: Fuzzy/blurry/foggy visuals everywhere.
  8. From the video: Check the original Fire Nova of Diablo from the original game.
  9. From the site: Last of Diablo II Resurrected features you mentioned is “… and much more!” We do not want anything more or less of its original. That statement is horrifying me. Do not even think adding nonsense things like nephalem/greater rifts or mythic"+" dungeons. Never!
  10. From the site: Resurrected Graphics - Tristram. Fire animation in the original visual tells that we are late. How? Because they are about to extinguish. In the Resurrected one fires are quite fresh. Consider this.
  11. From the site: Resurrected Graphics - Barracks. See the original lighting and make lessons from it.
  12. From the site: Resurrected Graphics - Barracks. Death of shaman on the top left is comedical and not in accordance with that in original one.
  13. From the site: Resurrected Graphics - Burial Grounds. Mists?
  14. From the site: Resurrected Graphics - Lut Gholein. Mists again?
  15. From the site: Resurrected Graphics - Sewers. Where is the “stagger” or “hit locked” motion when you are hit or have low faster hit recovery values?
  16. THE WORST PART! From the site: Classes. Amazon - Is this a female character? Let’s ask in a different way. Was not Amazon in the original game a female character? Assassin - Is this a female character? Let’s ask in a different way again. Was not Assassin in the original game a female character? Necromancer - Looks like a bored old man not a hero. Barbarian - Big no. He stands in the middle with his animation and there is a reason for that. Think. Paladin - Paladin in the original game is not angry, and he is younger. Sorceress - This one is ok. Druid - Hair stylists in the Diablo 2?
  17. From the site: Inventory/stash interface. What happened to those beautiful side/frame ornamentations?
  18. From the site: Pay attention to Fara’s hair and age (she looks more mature).
  19. From the forums:
  • Increase drop chance. No!
  • Give unlimited stat/skill point reset opportunity. No!
  • Change endgame feel/events for single or bnet player (including ladders) - No!
  • Remove Baal runs. No!
  • Consider the garbages like median xl, plugy etc before you release the game. NO! Never do that. These mods could not even exist without this fantastic game and mods cannot be over the original (at least in case of Diablo 2 (LoD) games).
  • Charm inventory. No!
  • Endless Cow Level. No!
  • Allow map hack. No!
  • Bring auction house. No!
  • Go just online. No! Include all possible gaming mods (Single Player, Other Multiplayer, BNet, Online etc.) Do not force people to play it just online.
  • Remove the use of “Alt” key to see loot. No!

You, Path of Exilized the Diablo 4 visuals and your other games’ playstyle. I do not care to some extend. But this one is different and important. DO THIS RIGHT! And be sure about that if you bring these flaws to the Resurrected, i will immediately uninstall it and go on playing the original one.
And one last thing. I do not trust you. I do not think you understand the importance of this. You did this to us: Your core players.

Trend-lover repellent: Those will surely ask for higher drop chances, larger and specific inventory (for charms, runes), character balances, unlimited stat/skill point reset opportunity and more. Devs! Do not change even a simple single thing in the game. Just visuals and small other things (shared inventory etc.). This game should be preserved as it has always been and away from the trend-lovers’ mayhem. Otherwise, we will not be able to say “this game”.

I expect an answer including views of Devs upon the views above.


Thanks for your sharing my friend