Overwatch 2 matchmaking is broken asf

I’ve been playing ow for a while now but i havent ever really got passed around plat. so why in every single qp game im getting placed against top 500 or master players every game is a sweat fest and is actually unplayable due to it and ive seen no one talking about it. fix the matchmaking blizzard so the game can actually be enjoyed instead of licking each other out, cheers.


Totally agree, every game is a wash for one side. Games where enemy or we have 4 or 5 times the number of kills is crazy. This matchmaking is obviously broken or this is the new design they choose

This is your opinion. I dont’t share it and I am nowhere near a master. This is a 5 people game, and compared to 6, it means you will have more influence over the outcome of the game. This should be welcomed with praise, nothing else.

A platitude that ignores this person addressing the teamwide difference in performance.

I honestly agree with pretty much EVERYONE that thinks the matchmaking is bad with those not in this thread included, very much feels like Star Wars Battlefront 1 reboot all over again to me, and yet Blizzard hasn’t fixed this nor make it so heroes can’t 3 second kill each other as a group to balance out the amount of skilled vs unskilled players instead of an mix of the two. Basically most of everyone CANNOT win even if they try their best effort and still get called “trash” by one of their teammates because that player was given a auto-loss on join. Blizzard, if you’re planning on fixing Overwatch as a whole, you had best start now than later, otherwise people will start leaving Overwatch entirely because of how bad it’s been.

I am veeeery far from being a pro player and I just fought against an entire team with gold guns and not one member of my team had a gold gun. Should it not have distributed those players evenly among both teams?

Company have such shit developers for OW its insane… Something is seriously wrong with the top leaders at blizzard… The tank meta is so insane now im about to lose my hair…
Its pure cancer and they wont survive this year if they dont take the feedbacks seriously…
company that used to be so successful! Now turned to shit