Overwatch hacker

Today I was playing overwatch in competitive in bronze and I found a obvious hacker his name is PAK he was playing McCree and every (almost every because some of the shot must been a miss because of not getting banned) shot in the head.
I reported him and my team too and he said that he is a booster and a profesional 4k league player he said also that his prices were cheapest and that he is smurfing at overwatch soooooo and I thought that I can do something more about this so I try to post it here ;/

if someone wants to watch it as he cheats there is a code for a replay: H3BED4

Its good that you already reported him using the ingame options. This is the best way to report someone you suspect of cheating as it goes directly to a team to investigate. Sadly there is not much we can do through the forums on this but just to add, if you wanted to include screenshots or video evidence in the future, you can feel free to e-mail hacks@blizzard.com. :slight_smile: