Overwatch kick me and I can't rejoin ranked game

The past week I’ve been playing OW with my friend. Both nights we have played 2-3 games without any problem and then suddenly in overtime defense (both times on Kings Row actually) my game has frozen and when I come back around 20-30 seconds later, I have been kicked from the game. During this time I can still talk to my friend on Discord so it’s not that the entire computer freezes. Anyways, not only did I first get a 15 min deserter debuff and the second time a 1 hour deserter debuff, but the second time (just now) I came back after ~30 seconds WHILE THE GAME WAS STILL ACTIVE (which I know because my friend was talking to me on Discord) and I was unable to rejoin the game because I had the deserter debuff. What is going on? I can’t play this game while this is happening.
I can play other games without much issue, and even if I have some issues, I have never before been kicked from a game and been unable to rejoin it while it’s active before.
What should I do? Can I never play overwatch again?