OW 2 is not showing up in launcher

Overwatch 2 is not showing up in “Installed” section, though Battle.net launcher detects it when I press “Scan for Games”. It’s also not present in “All games”.

When I go to Shop → Overwatch → Overwatch 2 and press “Play For Free” it just takes me to “Games” and nothing happens.

The game is accessible only via .exe file in \Overwatch_retail_ but this way I have to enter my login & password every time, which is bothering.

Restarting, reinstalling Battle.net and deleting cache folder (using this guide: https://eu.battle.net/support/en/article/34721) did not help at all.

May it be caused by that fact that i play from Russia? Because Blizzard stopped selling games in my country back in march. However, OW2 is free and should be accessible…

Is there any way I can fix my problem? Thank you in advance.


I’ve got the same problem. Nothing helps…


Blizzard has truly broken overwatch!
Its time to quit this game.

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I have the same problem, Overwatch 2 is missing on my Battlenet Launcher.

Same problem here. Will not gonna play until its fixed.

is there seriously no official response to what is obviously a common issue?

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i got the same problem on my main acc, but when i log into my alt acc overwatch 2 is present there

it seems to be very buggy recently

anyone got a fix yet?

lol i got suspended on my main but on my alt acc i cannot find it either.

OW2 is still a beta … just report 35 ppl and Blizzard will give u a response …to bad it works that way but that how it is

Has this been fixed?

When starting the Battle.net Launcher the game is showing as Overwatch 2.
Please don’t comment on old topics though. :lock: