Ow2 suspension 14 days

I have much to say!
Im feeling so hurt by you guys! My loyalty means nothing!
Got freaking auto suspension without even a warning or at least mute for an hour! a day! or a week! but u block me from playing the game for what?
I did an investigation and found out that bans/suspensions/mutes are automated and no one checks credibility of those reports!
Even if i did wrong (which i dont even remmeber it was worth of a report)
you should first give a warning or mute !
not instant game suspension!
i have spent money on battlepass and i cant logininto the game !
i have been playing blizzard games for 20+ years and this is what i get
automated suspension, not even being reviewed!

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This forum is exclusively dedicated to collecting feedback on the Battle.net launcher app!

Bans are not discussed openly in a public forum. The only thing you can do, is sending an appeal in form of a ticket.

Furthermore, every player has to follow the same rules. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve played or how much money you spent.


In OW you’re warned occassionally when reported as well as required to read through the terms before playing the game that states you need to be a nice person.

All suspensions are reviewed by human GM’s and appeals as well.