Paying for this game is insanity

You have to be crazy to pay for a game where everything can be taken from you at a moment’s notice. They banned thousands of accounts and caught many innocent players in their net. They don’t care. One poor player had spent over $3000 on his account.

Instead of fixing bad game mechanics that leads to botting they actually attack their customer base. If I can’t have at least a feeling of ownership over what I pay for I’m certainly not paying for their digital content.

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It’s very common in software and gaming EULA’s to have no rights to the digital contents but only a license to use them, which you can preview in the legal link below this page.

Blizzard very much likes you to be their customer, but only if you can hold up to their rules. They very rarely ban for no reason. All bans generally are accompanied with a reason you can appeal at. Some companies don’t even offer you a chance to appeal, once you’re banned there you’re gone.

You’re free to take your money elsewhere, but it will be no difference legalese-wise in contractual rights and anti-cheating measures.

In the latest example where their ban applied incorrectly they have publically stated to investigate this, in Overwatch:

game sucks the only paying are the thousands of bot accounts

blizzard i wouldnt pllay even if your game was free

fire everyone and start new

So you’re saying this is good?