Pending ticket for more than 3 weeks

Dear Blizzard!

I would like to address this letter to technical support team that is resolving pending tickets. I have raised a ticket regarding lost amount of gold due to launch for your patch 9.2.7. The moment I saw that I lost a significant amount of my gold that I HAVE FARMED for a long time, I officially created a ticket on which I had a response within few days that was stating- “An investigation will be performed over the next 1-3 days and you will be contacted by e-mail when the investigation is concluded, letting you know one of two outcomes: Upheld - The action was correct and will not be overturned and the account action will remain, as well as any associated actions. The action cannot be appealed a second time and we will not discuss it further. Overturn - A decision was made to overturn the action with details being provided on our response.” However 3 weeks have passed my ticket is not resolved, and no one is seems to be taking these tickets serious. I do realize that you need more time to solve the issues, but after a recent talk with Game Master I was told that they cannot inform me how long my ticket would take to be resolved. I want to express my disappointment on the fact, how is it possible for the team to not keep us updated on all that time, what needs to be done, regarding such a late response on tickets. Is there going to be any official statements why is it taking such time? I did offer GM to provide all the information that is needed ON THE SPOT in order to prove that the issue of the lost gold is due to buggy deploy of patch 9.2.7, but that was denied by the GM. I would like to have an update regarding all these pending tickets what are the actions being taken on them, how long it would take them to get resolved.




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don’t forget to flag redprothet as toll and send him or her probably just a child back to the shite that is FB and not on game forums

My experince goes back “Vanila or BC”. I’d not been playin for some months and when i log’ed back-on my “account had been hacked” I’ve got explanation that it “severe”.
I feelt so bomed that i quited playing for a long time. I’ve since started to play again and enjoy the game more then ever.

Hope for you!