Play Button does not start the game for Warzone

Hello ,

Everything was okey , i was playing warzone full steady. But right after patch 1.36.1 i can not play the game because it does not even start. When i press play button it writes launching for 3 secs but nothing happens and it returns to Play button again. I tried updating windows, updating graphic card, nearly everything. I need immediate! help about this issue.

same here mate tech support is total shit if you find a fix let me know ive re installed 3 times now and everything is bang up to date ive even rolled back drivers ect

I have the same problem

Same here, no idea what went wrong. Was playing two day ago, now is doesnt start anymore
Button: PLAY, LAUNCHING, PLAYING NOW, and then back to PLAY again.

Hello guys i found an answer from us forums. And its working now.