Please add Witch Doctor to Diablo 4

This is one of the flexible, interesting and unusual class in D3, really expecting it in D4 later. I haven’t had more pleasure from gaming then from the game on witch doctor, amazing and various abilities. Amazing approach to the character and very fresh sight on D3 series. Instead of having very same archetypes from all of the classic ARPG, witch doctor really broaden horizons.

Please, Blizzard hear your fans, add him to the game! Thoughts?


Add a bear since I can’t play diablo immortal without having a bear, which is sad and sad…

Witch doctor was the only class i found fun and required skill to play. No witch doctor no buy🤷🏿‍♂️

I hope they add witch doctor to Diablo IV it’s generally the only class I play I love having 3 small Gargantuans running around so I’m hoping they do add the class