Please bring back 10man to WoW …


I would like to know if blizzard is thinking about the idea of bringing back 10man to WoW retail. And if there is enough of us who cannot play wow without it … forced 20man mythic broke so many guilds and i know so many people that would love to play again … i think so many people will return … all because of some so called progammers cried about different difficulty 25man vs 10man … people like me doesnt care about it … we just enjoyed a great game with people we know and like and didnt care about hardcore guild management. To keep 20man mythic guild healthy and working is for the guild master and officers like second work … boomers like me dont have time for that anymore … :rofl:

Ty for all replies and opinions :wink:

Thats why Cataclysm was the best wow version actually.
It was the only expansion which had 10man and 25man with the same difficulty, just different amount of loot per person.

You could do all the hardest content and potentially get the best items with just a very close 10 people group, thats when i actually made friends in wow who lasted way after wow.
With a small group like that you really get used to one another and so on. But these massive 20+ ppl groups are mostly souless and you are always a stranger among others.

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